Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sunny Day Today!

Despite the chilly weather in the last few days, today we were blessed with some lovely sunshine.

I am wearing a poncho from Charmeuse Couture. I love this poncho, so unique. It's got classic tartan pattern with faux fur collar. The crochet frill has added this individual piece some additional luxe feel.

The suede boots are from a Chinese brand, Spider King.They are also my favourite - a gift from my mum. They are also very comfortable to wear. Honestly I can walk in these for miles and don't feel a thing.Magical, isn't it? Normally I wouldn't bother replacing or repairing the heels for my shoes, think about that, you spend £20 or £30 on a new pair of shoes but to repair the heels you need to spend at least £8, so why not just buy a new pair? I have donated a few pairs to charity, they were all in good condition but a bit worn out at the heels. However I love these boots so much that I didn't mind spending money to fix the heels, plus they are from my mum so I have to treasure them.

The jeans are from Tommy Hilfiger, my birthday gifts from my boyfriend (who took these photos!)

We tried many poses but this was my first time to pose for the blog so I did feel there was no right place to put my hands! My boyfriend asked me to photoshop the rusty fences at the background, but I didn't want to retouch any of these photos no matter how amateur they seem! Hopefully I will get a new camera soon to make the photos more professional:)

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