Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lovely sunnies! New sunglasses!

I've been expecting my sunglasses that I ordered from TKMAXX. I like shopping on this site for some fashion essentials. I have bought quite a few my wardrobe staples from there - I might have to write a separate blog for that, haha! I once got my boyfriend a Versace Polo shirt for his birthday during a gold label flash sale, which became the most successful gift I've got him ever.

Recently I've got a fever of sunglasses. I bought three in one time, but they are not even £60 in total yet! 

1. Missoni sunglasses in purple
I love the colour - I've been feeling like red-ish purple oversized sunnies lately.

2. Oscar De La Renta

Medium sized, darker than the Missoni, also PURPLE!

They are actually smaller than I imagined, so I spent about an hour considering whether or not to return them. In the end I decided to keep them as they seem to fit my face shape as I've got a round face. Also I love the colour too much to give them away.

3. Calvin Klein

They look so cool! However they seem to be flawed as right side is higher than the left size. Bit disappointed really, will have to take them back to the shop.

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