Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lazy Sunday

Today I spent the lovely Sunday with my boyfriend and his friends playing golf. We've been blessed with the gorgeous sunshine today, I even had an ice cream in the park. 

I am wearing my printed leggings I bought together with the other pair mentioned in my last blog. I like the funky colour and print. 

The peplum top was from Jane Norman. It has a lovely crochet lace overlay and underneath it is pink fabric. 

My sunglasses are the same pair I mentioned in my previous blog, from Moschino. They match my leggings!

Wedges are bought last summer, from our local department store.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Monochrome + New Haircut

It's Saturday! Yay! My boyfriend and I went to our local garden centre to watch the beautiful plants as summer is approaching, we'd like to tidy up our garden and grow some plants. We were also thinking of growing some vegetables, such as tomatoes! My mum grew vegetables in our garden when i was little and I always remembered picking tomatoes was my favourite! I used to check on them several times a day to see if they got any riper and I often couldn't wait to pick them ;) 

After we came back from the garden centre, I decided to take a few quick snaps for my outfit. Today I'm wearing Monochrome! The crocheted top is from H&M, which I bought last summer. My flats are from Dune, which I also bought last year. The black necklace was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. The leggings were from a local store. I have to say something about that store, because everything in that store only costs a fiver. Lots of dresses, shoes, you name it! My boyfriend's sister bought a pair of cute green boots and I just couldn't believe they were only £5! And they didn't look cheap at all. So, earlier this week when I walked past that store, I had to have a browse. I bought two pairs of printed leggings, including those in the pictures below. And yes, only £5 each. Anyway, I was quite excite to wear them today. 

Another thing I was happy about was my new hair cut. From my lovely boyfriend. At first I just wanted a quick job as I was fed up with my hair falling off everyday. I asked him to cut quite a bit of length off, hoping that it could make my hair become healthier. It turned out that it looked as if I got it from the salon! I just love it! And my hair did fall off less after that ;)


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Little Love Song

When I first listened to this song, I didn't like it. In fact, I hated it, as I found the singer's voice is so girlie that I found it weird (the singer is a boy by the way). Years after, this song has become one of my favourite song and I can listen to it over and over again.

I found a video with English subtitles. One of the reasons I love this song is because of its beautiful lyrics and it is way more poetic than the current translated version. But you'll get the idea, hopefully.

Lovely sunnies! New sunglasses!

I've been expecting my sunglasses that I ordered from TKMAXX. I like shopping on this site for some fashion essentials. I have bought quite a few my wardrobe staples from there - I might have to write a separate blog for that, haha! I once got my boyfriend a Versace Polo shirt for his birthday during a gold label flash sale, which became the most successful gift I've got him ever.

Recently I've got a fever of sunglasses. I bought three in one time, but they are not even £60 in total yet! 

1. Missoni sunglasses in purple
I love the colour - I've been feeling like red-ish purple oversized sunnies lately.

2. Oscar De La Renta

Medium sized, darker than the Missoni, also PURPLE!

They are actually smaller than I imagined, so I spent about an hour considering whether or not to return them. In the end I decided to keep them as they seem to fit my face shape as I've got a round face. Also I love the colour too much to give them away.

3. Calvin Klein

They look so cool! However they seem to be flawed as right side is higher than the left size. Bit disappointed really, will have to take them back to the shop.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sunny Day Today!

Despite the chilly weather in the last few days, today we were blessed with some lovely sunshine.

I am wearing a poncho from Charmeuse Couture. I love this poncho, so unique. It's got classic tartan pattern with faux fur collar. The crochet frill has added this individual piece some additional luxe feel.

The suede boots are from a Chinese brand, Spider King.They are also my favourite - a gift from my mum. They are also very comfortable to wear. Honestly I can walk in these for miles and don't feel a thing.Magical, isn't it? Normally I wouldn't bother replacing or repairing the heels for my shoes, think about that, you spend £20 or £30 on a new pair of shoes but to repair the heels you need to spend at least £8, so why not just buy a new pair? I have donated a few pairs to charity, they were all in good condition but a bit worn out at the heels. However I love these boots so much that I didn't mind spending money to fix the heels, plus they are from my mum so I have to treasure them.

The jeans are from Tommy Hilfiger, my birthday gifts from my boyfriend (who took these photos!)

We tried many poses but this was my first time to pose for the blog so I did feel there was no right place to put my hands! My boyfriend asked me to photoshop the rusty fences at the background, but I didn't want to retouch any of these photos no matter how amateur they seem! Hopefully I will get a new camera soon to make the photos more professional:)

Monday, 11 March 2013

My Favourite Shoes

I got these shoes from Irregular Choice (from Footlocker store in Camden, London) and I felt in love with them! They are not only cute but also very comfortable to wear. How often can you get the two at the same time?! They also make my feet look very slim and elegant, got so many compliment from my colleagues when I wore them to work. 

You can't really see the colour of the shoes, they are actually blue with floral print. There is also a grey Union Jack with a heart shape in the middle. 

Fun with Platicine

One Sunday morning, we were delighted to discover that we have some platicine at home. So here's what we've done with it.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cute Little Things - My Jewellery Stand & Slippers

I got this jewellery stand in a small shop just outside London. I always wanted one and this one seems perfect. It has a lady's body and red sequin dress and fur, full of vintage elegance.

My boyfriend bought these slippers for me and I love them so much! You can't imagine how soft and warm they are! I just couldn't take them off any more :)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

My dream wall

I went to an exhibition and there was a wall made purely with roses. I loved them so much that I felt it was like a dream!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Healthy Dessert Easily Made!

Today I'd like to share some of our my favourite dessert that could be done within minutes!

1. Fruit Smoothie.

This time we used too much fruits in the blender! Usually we use about 3 different fruits to create different flavoured smoothies. They are so easy to make - simply cut the fruits, add some water depending on your preference, and blend!

Tips: It's always nice to add a banana in the smoothie to make it creamy!

Tah dah! 

2. Angel Delight

You can buy a small pack of Angel Delight from Tesco, we like strawberry flavour best. Add some milk and mix it well. Put it in the fridge for 15 minutes for it to set, then it's ready! Add some chocolate sprinkles if you like.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Home Cooking - Chips and Lamb Chops

Here I've posted some pictures of our cooking. Homemade chips, lamb chops and sausages.
1. Oven grilled lamb chops and sausages. 

2. Home made chips. We peeled and sliced fresh potatoes (not from packages!) and deep fried in olive oils.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Fajatas! Yum yum!

 Fajata is our all time favourite! This is steak fajata we cooked the other day. Love it!

We added green and red peppers, steak, mushroom, mixed herbs and all sorts of spices.